Optiscan provides solutions based on Voice, RFID and barcode technologies for enhancing logistics processes in warehouse, field service, manufacturing and post operations.




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  • eCommerce + Shop Tech 2018

    Ecommerce + Shop Tech 2018 is largest and most versatile event for retail professionals in Finland. The event will take place at Messukeskus Helsinki.
    14.3.2018–15.3.2018 | Read more →

  • Vlinehuollon ammatilliset koulutuspivt

    Välinehuollon ammatilliset koulutuspäivät järjestetetään Tampereella 15. - 16.3. Optiscan on mukana tapahtumassa terveydenhuollon ratkaisuillaan.
    15.3.2018–16.3.2018 | Read more →

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  • RFID Solution at LOGY Conference 2018

    13.2.2018 | Read more →

  • QubeVu: Dimensioning has never been so quick and easy

    30.1.2018 | Read more →

  • Smart lens from Zebra Technologies - Optiscan Group

    29.1.2018 | Read more →

  • A Glimpse from NRF 2018 in NYC

    26.1.2018 | Read more →

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Intersport Finland Oy

Intersport omni-channel logistics is managed by Abakus.
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This is Optiscan Group

Optiscan is the leading provider of systems for streamlining logistics processes. We help organizations to simultaneously improve process execution, customer service and profitability.

Our Abakus solutions direct logistics and mobile workforces’ performance guaranteeing operational quality and timeliness. Built-in automation assigns resources and schedules activities, enabling supervisors to focus on hands-on employee guidance or managing exceptions.

The core of our solutions is our industry specific extensive process expertise backed by our long history in automatic identification. Solutions based on Bar codes, RFID, voice-directed work and smart glasses provide your staff members with efficient and ergonomic tools for error-free operation.